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It is with deep sorrow…

that we inform you that our beloved Fr. Frank Cassidy joined our Lord on Friday, August 05, at approximately 8:00 pm Ireland time.

A Memorial Mass service will be held at a later date. Fr. Cassidy was surrounded by family and friends, he slowly drifted into his eternal rest peacefully. Please continue to have him and his family in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dear all,

I will leave for Ireland tomorrow a.m. At 10 a.m. I’m counting on your prayer! I feel so grateful for this privilege and am carrying all your messages of love for Frank.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fr. Frank likes to be at Cahercalla because he now needs round-the-clock nursing care. Yesterday morning was a low time for him and Rita, his sister-in-law said he is rapidly declining. His family continues to be there for him – he’s definitely the favorite uncle! He had a very good visit with his sister Claire yesterday afternoon. It looks like he got a new surge of energy after that and his nephews commented that he was in great form in the evening. Fr. Laurence Freeman (WCCM) will visit him this weekend.

I have been gifted with a ticket to go to Ireland to see him! Right now I’m making arrangements and will surely be there this weekend, please God. How good God is to me– I carry all your love and prayers to him and the rest of the farewell cards he received from you. He has been reading a few hundred of them that I sent in the mail. I ask for your prayers as I hurriedly get ready to travel. Thank you!

Bishop O’Connell Clip

Link to the radio broadcast in which Bishop Dave talks about Fr. Cassidy. Click here to listen

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Frank moved from Dublin to Ennis on Thursday, July 21st.  He was in his birth home for just 3 days, loving the visits with family and watching his favorite sports when he realized his energy level was waning rapidly and he asked to move to the hospice section of the local Community hospital.  Cahercalla Community Hosp. has 6 rooms for hospice patients and he’s in a private room looking out onto a garden.  Rita, his sister-in-law phoned me today to say he is very happy there.  His energy continues to wane, his speech is less clear, but he loves seeing all his nephews and nieces and they have set up a roster to visit and not wear him out.  Cahercalla is very close to his birth home.

Updates on Fr Cassidy

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fr. Cassidy’s brother Noel’s funeral
Father Concelebrated! Even read some of the parts of the Mass, then went to the cemetery and read some of the prayers there. He’s exhausted from the whole day but is doing well, TG. The plan is to go to Ennis on Thursday.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Andrea spoke with Father and said he sounded great!  His pain is under control.  He is still in Dublin.  He will be going to his brother’s funeral tomorrow.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Email from Agnes

“Fr. Frankie is doing well.  The trip home was a miracle and we thank God that is was possible.  He is very comfortable and pain free through a very emotional journey.  Fr. Frankie is traveling to his brother’s funeral on Tuesday, may he rest in peace.  I believe he waited for Frankie’s return before he passed away.  He is here as I type watching the golf and GAA football.  I will link in and show all the kind responses to him immediately.  Many thanks – Agnes”  (Agnes is talking about logging in to see the Spiritual Bouquet responses.  Please keep sending your Spiritual Bouquets!)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Email from Sr. Nuala

Yesterday a.m. was a severely tough one for Frank…change of medications, severe pain, jet lag, emotional events of the past week catching up with him…since he landed in Dublin his psyche was conditioned to thinking he was on vacation since that has been the usual reason for flying to Ireland since 1960…it dawned on him he was there to say his final goodbyes to family and Ireland…”to die” as he simply puts it.

By 2pm Dublin time, the medication was working and Frank slept until 11:00pm.  He thought it was a.m. when he awoke until Agnes brought in his dinner!  They bantered back and forth and eventually Frank fell asleep.  He slept and awoke throughout the night and was feeling total bliss – awake and asleep, filled with an all-pervasive joy in his being. This a.m. Paul came in and they had their usual chatter and suddenly Paul reached for Frank’s hand and said, ‘Your brother Noel went to heaven this morning.’  Frank beamed saying, ‘So that’s what was happening!’ Paul enquired what the ‘that’ was…and Frank poured out his bliss.  ‘It’s all spiritual, people worry that I hadn’t yet seen him because Noel is in Galway and I’m in Dublin, but sure we spent the whole night together.”