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Religious Education News

Office of Religious Education


The Office of Religious Education is already taking registration for First Communion, Confirmation, continuing religious education and Special Education for children, youth and adults.  Come and learn Christian values and get to know and love the Catholic faith. What to bring for Registration? Fill out all registration forms Baptismal Certificate + registration fee.  Call the Office of Religious Education for more information (626) 357-3010 Ext. 0

Religious Education Office Hours:

(626) 357-3010 Ext. 0

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 3:00-8:00pm

Saturday 9:00-1:00pm

CLOSED: Sunday & Monday


The Office will be open during two Sundays, June 5th and June 12th from 8:00am-2:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:30pm. We will be open to give you information and we will be taking registrations. We look forward to seeing you!






Oficina de Educación Religiosa


La Oficina de Educación Religiosa ya esta tomando   registraciones para los Sacramentos de Primera Comunión, Confirmación, Formación contínua y Educación Especial; para niños, jóvenes y adultos.  Vengan a aprender valores cristianos, a conocer nuestra fe Católica. .  ¿Qué necesita traer para registrarse? Llenar todas las formas de registración, Certificado de Bautismo + Pago de registración.    Llame a la oficina de Educación Religiosa para más  información                            (626) 357-3010 Ext. 0

Horario para la Oficina de Educación Religiosa:

(626) 357-3010 Ext. 0

   Martes, Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes de 3:00-8:00pm

                       Sábados de 9:00-1:00pm

                    Domingos y Lunes CERRADO


La oficina, también estará abierta durante dos Domingos, 5 y 12 de Junio de 8:00am a 2:00pm y de 5pm a 8:30pm. Estaremos en la oficina para darles    información y tomar registraciones. Los Esperamos!

Office of Religious Education



The Office of Religious Education is already taking

registration for First Communion, Confirmation,

continuing religious education and Special Education for children, youth and adults.  Come and learn Christian values and get to know and love the Catholic faith. What to bring for Registration? Fill out all registration forms

Baptismal Certificate + registration fee.  Call the Office of Religious Education for more information

(626) 357-3010 Ext. 0


St Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul Society

As we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity we also realize the mystery of  how much God loves and cares for us each day. Believing in this, our lives can then overflow in thanksgiving and praise.

Is there a family you know who needs assistance? Please call the  Society of St. Vincent de Paul so that together we can help

those who are suffering.



San Vicente de Paul

Al celebrar el misterio de la Trinidad también nos damos cuenta el misterio de lo mucho que Dios ama y cuida de nosotros cada día. Al creer en esto, nuestra vida puede entonces desbordar en acción de gracias y alabanza.

¿Sabes de alguna familia que necesita ayuda? Por favor, llama a la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul para que juntos ayudemos
aquellos que están sufriendo.


Safeguard the Children



Did You Know?

Teaching children about abduction safety is important, but the ultimate responsibility lies with trusted adults. One thing you can do is use role-playing scenarios to help children learn how to recognize and respond to risky situations. To learn more about abduction and how to better protect your child please email jvienna@la-archdiocese.org or call (213) 637-7227 to receive a fact sheet from KidSmartz.org.


Sabia Usted?

Consejos para prevenir el secuestro; Es importante educar a los niños sobre la seguridad contra el secuestro, pero la mayor responsabilidad está en los adultos de confianza. Algo que se puede hacer es usar escenarios donde los niños juegan un rol para aprender cómo reconocer y responder en situaciones de riesgo. Para aprender más sobre secuestro y cómo proteger mejor a sus hijos, por favor escriba a                         jvienna@la-archdiocese.org o llame al (213) 637-7227 para recibir una hoja de datos de KidSmartz.org



El Ministerio de Padres y Madres Orantes Exposición del Santísimo

Martes 14 de June después de la Santa Misa de 5:30pm

Estarán coordinando la hora santa y se rezará particularmente por nuestros hijos y por la família. Ven, refuerza tu fe para que como el Divino Niño aprendamos a confiar en Dios nuestro Padre y que Jesús Sacramentado te llene de sus abundantes bendiciones. Los esperamos!

Devoción al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Te invitamos para que el Viernes 3 de Junio asistas a la Santa Misa a las 5:30pm en honor al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. Confesiones a las 4:00pm. Aprovechemos este Año Santo de la Misericordia del Señor y entremos por la Puerta Santa para ganar la indulgencia plenaria para ti o para tus difuntos, No dejes que se te pase esta bendición. Esta invitación es para todos y en especial a tí que no sabes ¿qué es la misericordia de Dios? Ven Jesús te espera!

World Wide Marriage Encounter

World Wide Marriage Encounter

Would you like to spend a weekend alone with your spouse, enrich your marriage and make your marriage relationship the most beautiful treasure you can give to each other and your children? Our World Wide Marriage Encounter Weekend is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Our next weekend is May 13-15. With all the things in our life we give our time too, nothing is more important than the care we give to our marriages, in turn to our children.

Please call Bill and Mary Ann Vena at (909) 623 844, or Ronnie and Dorene Flores (626) 334-5574 to register.


Upcoming Movie Day Sunday May 15th


We will be presenting a double feature at the PARISH HALL:


FULL OF GRACEThis film is centered on the only person in sacred scripture who had the experience of living with         Jesus from birth through his Resurrection.  Set ten years after the Resurrection, Mary eagerly awaits the return of the Apostle Peter from his apostolic journeys. Arriving at Mary’s home after years of traveling, preaching and narrowly escaping death, Peter expresses the overwhelming responsibility of preaching the Word amidst heresies and conflict.  Providing the strong encouragement that only a mother can, Mary helps Peter re-discover the truth that he is not leading, he is following, and    walking in the light of God’s grace and strength.

THE 13TH DAY (Spanish Subtitles):  The film, THE 13TH DAY, is the incredible true story of the three children in Fatima, Portugal who were chosen by God to visit with Our Lady and to deliver an urgent message of hope to the world in 1917.

Do not miss this opportunity to gather for fellowship and to witness the greatest miracle of the 20th Century and to experience the incredible, emotionally-charged and harrowing world of three young children whose choice to remain loyal to their beliefs, even in the face of death, inspired thousands!

Movies will be shown on Sunday May 15th starting at 1:30 pm.

FULL OF GRACE (83 minutes) will start at 1:30 PM followed by THE 13TH DAY (85 minutes) at approximately 3:15 PM.

Admission is $5.  Priests, clergy and children are free.


Proceeds are for the renovation of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Priests’ Residence.  Tickets will be available at the door.  For any question please email Grace at gracerfa@att.net or Greg at gregduck@att.net


Enroll Now

Transitional Kindergarden (Ages 3 – 4) – Grades K thru 8

We are committed to:

  • Outstanding academic curriculum
  • Enrichment programs
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Partnering with parents/guardians
  • Small class sizes
  • Preparation for high school
  • Individual attention to child’s needs
  • Quality Catholic Education

Immaculate Conception Catholic School
726 S. Shamrock Avenue • Monrovia, CA 91016
For more information: Tel: (626) 358-5129
Visits the website at: www.icschoolmonrovia.org

Kindergarten de transición de 4 años Jardín de infancia a través de octavo grado


  • Curriculum académico sobresaliente
  • Los programas de enriquecimiento
  • Entorno seguro y protegido
  • La asociación con los padres / tutores
  • Clases pequeñas
  • Preparación para la escuela secundaria
  • Atención individual a las necesidades del niño
  • Una educación católica de calidad

Immaculate Conception Catholic School
726 S. Shamrock Avenue • Monrovia, CA 91016
Por favor llame al (626) 358-5129 o visita: www.icschoolmonrovia.org

Taste Around the World

Immaculate Conception Church & School is excited to announce the 3rd Annual “A Taste Around the World” food festival, which will be held on May 1st from 11 am – 3 pm. The event is free to attend and open to the public. Your family and friends will not want to miss the great food, drinks, entertainment, prizes, and fun!

Taste Around the World

Collection for Cardinal McIntyre

Collection for the Cardinal McIntyre Fund for Charity
Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1st

Here’s Hope

Since 1951 for those in CRISIS SITUATIONS throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Your contribution goes directly towards emergency needs for children, adults, and families. You are their hope! Your gift provides a one-time emergency help for:

  • Food, Utilities, Transportation
  • Medical, Housing or Funeral Expenses.

Colecta para el Fondo del Cardenal McIntyre para la Caridad Armonía en la Esperanza Domingo 1 de Mayo

La Esperanza está aquí

Desde 1951 para las personas que están atravesando SITUACIONES MUY DIFICULES en toda la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles. Usted es su esperanza! Su contribución provee ayuda de emergencia para:

  • Comida
  • Pago de alquiler y servicios, transporte,
  • Gastos médicos, de viviendas y/o funerales.