My dear friends, have you ever received a special gift from Mom, sister, or a friend?  A gift you have been hoping against hope to receive.  First, you open the box with anticipation, remove all the tissue and there nestled in the protection of the wrapping is the gift you most wanted.  You jump up and down, you stare in shock or you squeal with delight, either way your response is due to the overwhelming joy you feel at receiving this gift from your loved one.

The gift of Cursillo brings such an overwhelming joy;  it fills every part of your being just as Jesus promised, once you open your heart to him.  I received such a gift from my friend, as this gift, is almost always given by a friend, someone who loves you, or cares about you or has a relationship with you.  This gift is a walk with our Lord and Saviour   Jesus Christ.  This is …Cursillo.  What a beautiful gift.  After the  Cursillo weekend we continue our journey and one of the ways is    Ultreya a Spanish word which means “onward” or “Keep on going!”

Ultreyas are opportunities for people to gather, pray, and share personal stories about living a life in God’s Grace.  It is a weekly or a monthly follow-up, open to the community, by people who have made a conscious commitment to grow closer to Jesus Christ in accordance with their personal vocation.


For more information please contact:



Marva A. Glean  (626) 857-1916



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