Fr. Frank likes to be at Cahercalla because he now needs round-the-clock nursing care. Yesterday morning was a low time for him and Rita, his sister-in-law said he is rapidly declining. His family continues to be there for him – he’s definitely the favorite uncle! He had a very good visit with his sister Claire yesterday afternoon. It looks like he got a new surge of energy after that and his nephews commented that he was in great form in the evening. Fr. Laurence Freeman (WCCM) will visit him this weekend.

I have been gifted with a ticket to go to Ireland to see him! Right now I’m making arrangements and will surely be there this weekend, please God. How good God is to me– I carry all your love and prayers to him and the rest of the farewell cards he received from you. He has been reading a few hundred of them that I sent in the mail. I ask for your prayers as I hurriedly get ready to travel. Thank you!

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